BCI Global - Buck Consultants International Global                                    website: cs.bciglobal.com

BCI Global is a global niche management consulting and implementation firm that specializes in international site selection and supply chain. Founded in 1985 by Mr. Rene Buck, the company is based in the Netherlands and has grown its presence worldwide. BCI Global has executed projects in more than 50 countries and worked for more than half of Gartner’s Top 25 Supply Chain Companies as well as fast growing companies who are expanding internationally. BCI Global has offices in Asia, America and Europe.

Our specialized service portfolio are in four key areas:

·         Supply Chain Management

·         Manufacturing footprint optimization

·         Location selection

·         Go to market strategy and market intelligence

Supply Chain Management

Supporting clients in developing an end to end supply chain strategy including:

·         Supply chain strategy and supply chain organization

·         Network design and optimization

·         Demand planning & forecasting (e.g. Sales & Operations Planning, Inventory Optimization and organizational design)

·         Make versus buy (i.e. insourcing or outsourcing decisions)

·         Transport and logistics procurement

·         Transportation control tower strategy development and implementation

·         Strategy support for 3PLs and Carriers

Footprint Optimization

Supporting clients to optimize their manufacturing and/or support center footprint at a global level or for a region. Scenarios vary: what products will be manufactured with what production technology at which location? The scenarios will be assessed from a cost, customer and risk perspective.

Location selection

BCI Global advises companies on the optimal location for manufacturing plants, distribution centers and support centers in China, Asia, the US and Europe. BCI Global has developed a proven methodology to incorporate in location decisions all relevant cost factors, quality of the business environment factors and business disruption risk factors and has in-depth databases to support the analyses.

Go to market strategy and market intelligence

Supporting clients in assessing which geographical markets and channels to target, benchmarking the competition and developing a business case and roadmap to enter a geographical market or to move into a different direction (i.e. using alternative channels). BCI Global supports clients especially in the emerging markets in Asia Pacific, Eastern Europe & Russia/CIS, Middle East and Africa and LATAM.